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By: Anna Todd
Relase Date: 2014-10-21
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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Anybody who has read this book (without reading wattpad) wouldn’t know it had anything to do with Harry Styles. So, please tell me why all of his fans are hating so hard on this book because “it’s reflecting him in a bad light.” How? No one thinks Harry is like this in real like because ITS NOT ABOUT HIM! So please take all of your hate about a genuinely amazing book and take it elsewhere. Because while you’re busy hating she out here making her coin. And for anyone who hasn’t read the book, yes it’s about abuse and yes Hardin has real issues. But guess what, that’s life. This book will make you hate the heroine and the hero because it’s real. You will also love Hardin and Tessa because it’s REAL. Love isn’t black and white. I feel this book shows that better than anything I have ever read. So, don’t let some haters stop you from reading it because it’s amazing.


Let’s just makes something clear first: its was (PAST!) a fanfic BASED (B-A-S-E-D) in Harry Styles in an ALTERNATIVE WORLD! If you can read, you’ll understand that this book used Harry’s look, not his personality, the main character looks like Harry but their personality was NEVER meant to be the same, neither close to it. Second of all, let’s talk about the book itself. Anna Todd has an amazing writing skills... The way she thought about it and developed the story is just AMAZING! When I first read it was breathtaking... So out of the box! It’s not a typical romance... It’s so beautiful to see each character growing trough the book! Their romance becoming solid, and the maturity Tessa achieves! It’s just terrific! Anna, congratulations! You’re amazing... Haters gonna hate! But lovers are gonna love, support and stay forever ♥️ If you like books to cry, love, be surprised, shocked, cry and love even more... This is the one 😍

Girl almighty ;)

This book shows a more realistic relationship with young adults who come from a troubling past . It’s shows the not perfect couple, unlike other books that show perfect love. This book shows the how their past has taken a hold of them , and how they change . I love this book even thought the couple have a toxic relationship

Lots of love N

I have read this book more than five times and I’m totally in love with it. It’s a realistic love story that gets to my heart every time I read it. I have laughed, I have cried, I have gotten goosebumps, and I fell in love with the characters. You definitely need to read it.


I’m only on chapter 14 and I’m already liking it ! Like this is a really good , and well written book!

sandy ep

This story is meant to show that not all relationships are pretty and that there can be toxicity in relationships. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that considering many people go through with it.