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By: Anna Todd
Relase Date: 2014-11-25
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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Anna Todd is such an amazing writer. I am so proud of her for accomplishing so much❤️


I love it! I've read this series so many times, and it's just... it's phenomenal really. Great work. I hope I can write a book as good as this one day. You got me hooked, and it's just so interesting. I love the drama and the love, hessa is forever. I just love how Tessa is becoming who she is through out the books, and trying to be the woman she needs to be. And I'm just in love with your books. Best series ever written.


AudioBook Review: Stars: Overall 3 Narration 5 Story 2 Picking up where After left off, I need to inject some warnings here. Hardin’s personality devolves further: he is abusive, threatening and utterly irredeemable here. And Tessa needs to be locked away for her own security and safety. A lobotomy wouldn’t hurt either. She’s lost any redeeming characteristics for me because she won’t get off the merry go round that is Hardin. Learning from the disaster that is an abusive relationship and walking away is one thing: never making any adjustments but hoping things will change as you subject yourself to the same behavior pattern is insane. And Tessa never seems to hold Hardin responsible for his bad, nay deplorable behavior. BOTH of these characters need therapy. What this book has become for me, rather than a story that I WANT to follow is one that I dread the next turn of the page. If you want a ‘how not to’ guide for a healthy relationship this is the book for you. If you crave drama and angst, and two characters that are stuck in a cycle of abuse and manipulation with a heroine who wouldn’t see the writing on the wall if it was in neon –bright glowing twelve foot tall letters that screamed at her- this is the book for you. Todd has moved past the “I can believe this possible” to the realm of I don’t care anymore. Tessa doesn’t grow, Hardin’s anger, jealousy and irresponsible behaviors only increase and apparently Tessa is the next hottest thing on the market –because ALL the boys want her. I have no hope in the future youth if these two are examples. Narration is again provided by Elizabeth Louise and she does a wonderful narration: becoming Tessa in voice and inflection and using subtle changes in delivery, pitch, and tone to voice each individual character. Emotionally, my own frustration with the disastrous relationship had me taking frequent breaks: coming back to the story was difficult. Most certainly not my favorite book, and one I can only recommend with people completely aware of the warnings earlier in this review. I received an AudioBook copy of the title from Simon and Schuster Audio for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


This is one of the most beautiful and complex stories you will ever read!

Stephanie Alonso

I have read this book countless times on wattpad and wattpad only. I'm not sure if she made changes in this version, but the wattpad version changes how you think. It makes you see people differently and it really just changes you. This book is addicting and it is interesting to see Hessa's toxic relationship escalate to so many levels. It is different to read this book in so many point of views. This book has a person of every character type. You have a woman that try's so hard to be perfect. A college student that only likes to get wasted and hook up. And girl that is good at pretending to be nice. This book is honestly the best ever written. So many events occur and no matter how many times i read this book, i am always surprised at everything that happens. Tessa is naïve and stubborn and harry is rude and controlling. Never once while reading this book did i think that it sounded so fake. Everything fits so well together and makes so much sense while reading this. Honestly if you don't like this book, i wouldn't understand why.


Enjoyed it! Different from everything else out there. Story about finding yourself and forgiveness.


Emotional abuse, drug abuse, violence, Hardin sets a house on fire because he's got daddy issues (or is that the godforsaken third book? It's all running together...) Don't waste your money on something as atrocious as this. You'll thank me later.