Predator Cities #1: Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve PDF Download

By: Philip Reeve
Relase Date: 2012-06-01
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

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A “Hell on wheels” complete with swashbuckling adventure and danger at the turn of the pages. With high flying showdowns between airships to the lumbering high octane traction cities. Mortal Engines keeps you coming back for more. If you love fantasy, syfy or just love a good futuristic read you have found it with the literary adventure that is Mortal Engines!!!

Vollie Fireman2011

This is one of the few book series that has totally engrossed me. This is such an original series, an I can’t tell you how much I suggest you to read it. I am also excited for the movie that will come out in December of 2018 although, I hope they don’t ruin it.


Different take on a post apocalyptic story. Starting book 2 now.


An imaginative build of a new concept far in the future. This book captures the reason our social conformity may lead to disaster, and employs the power of perspective as a plot device. - NML

Jon Lecory

This was an okay book, but I don't won't to finish the series it's hard to get into and kinda sad but if you like post apocalyptic books I would recommend it Ps. It's kinda like a steam punk future book


Do not stop after just this book-- reading all four in the series is absolutely worth your time and money. Approachable writing, wonderful creativity, and painfully life-like characters. You'll find yourself loving them, and relating to them even after the very worst of their actions.


Almost done with the series I can't wait to finish this amazing storie

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