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By: Tara Westover
Relase Date: 2018-02-20
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs,

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(May contain information that could be perceived as a spoiler....) I devoured this memoir in two days and immediately recommended it to family. It is a deeply disturbing memoir of family ties, search for self, emotional and physical abuse and the amazing strength of the man spirit. I so admired Tara throughout the book for being a tough, bright young woman, who although was eager to please her family, also had a mind of her own. I literally cried multiple times through the book as she (and other family members) found herself (themselves) in near death accidents because of the negligence and arrogance of her father or the victim of abuse at the hands of her brother. It was maddening to read accounts of her going back home after feeling some satisfaction that she had “escaped”. In the end I have nothing but respect for her. She endured so much suppression, abuse and manipulation it is amazing she has accomplished what she has and can speak so eloquently about her experiences. I wish I could embrace her and thank her for sharing her story, and I truly hope that she is doing well. She will probably never read this, but if so, Tara, I believe every word you wrote and I think you made the right decisions in the end. You deserved so much more. You deserved to be protected from physical and emotional harm. You count as a person. I hope you are at peace and are happy with your life.


AMAZING BOOK! So inspirational ❤️


Once you start reading Tara Westover’s story, don’t plan to do anything else until you finish. She brings the reader inside to live a story that most of could not otherwise even imagine. Wow!

Dot in Boise

A real account of family, determination, loss and self-love. Like a phoenix rising in the ash, we follow Tara on a painful journey to self-discovery and cheer for her miraculous education of life.


Mesmerizing, I read it in two days. I grew up in a very rural area with no abuse but breaking free from the place was very difficult. I could relate to those moments when you just couldn’t rationalize the culture anymore but could still love your family even if they felt they couldn’t trust you anymore. Thank you for this healing book and the bravery it took to write it and live it.


Loved this book for so many reasons--the efforts at accuracy, the careful prose, the use of tension and suspense. So much of this story is unbelievable to anyone with no experience of fundamentalism, mental illness, or dysfunctional families. But Westover brings it all to life with tenderness toward all.

KT Reads